Do you offer ECU tuning?
-At this time, we are not currently offering any ECU tuning options.

Do you offer SST TCU tuning?
-There are ECU based SST tables that need to be adjusted at the same time as the ECU tune. Since we are not currently offering ECU tuning, we do not offer ECU based SST adjustments at this time.
-Then there are firmware updates, to include our own custom firmware options, for the the TCU that allow for better SST logic (or S-Sport for the Ralliart) as well as SST teach-in functions. These are things we do offer for the SST. (Please see:

What exactly is flex fuel?
-Flex fuel, in short, means the ECU can adjust for any ethanol content in the fuel system. What this means is, the car can see anything from 0% ethanol (E0) to 100% ethanol (E100). By being able to see this ethanol content, the ECU can adjust fuel, timing, and boost (as well as a few other things) to match the ethanol content in the tank. (The following question will expand on this as well).

Why is it flex fuel better than dual maps or a single E85 tune?
-There are a few reasons flex fuel is better than single or dual ethanol maps, and one disadvantage. Simple speaking, ease of use and safety for the engine VS cost.
With flex fuel you can fill up pump gas, E85, or even a mix of ethanol and pump gas with out ever changing the tune. The car will adjust automatically for the fuel in the tank. There are a lot of advantages for this. These include:
Being able to top of the tank without using the same exact fuel. Have a half of tank of pump gas and stumble across a station with ethanol? Top it off and be on your way.
Not worrying about someone filling the car with the wrong fuel. This means no worries about your partner or friend accidentally filling it with pump gas when it is on the E85 tune, or worse, the other way around.
Being able to use ethanol all year long. Most places (besides some warmer areas) often have summer and winter blends. Summer blends will have a higher ethanol content while winter blends will have a lower ethanol content (to help prevent hard starts). This can range up to 30% in some areas, which can cause issues with how the car runs if tuned for one ethanol content and not the other.
Being able to use ethanol in any area. Ethanol content can vary from batch to batch, station to station, and state to state. Some areas have E90 in the summer, while others may have E75. Some may even have lower than E75.
No worries about traveling and not finding a specific fuel type. Nothing is worse than being tuned on E85 and traveling through and area that doesn’t have it available. But no problem with flex fuel. Fill up with pump gas and let the car do the rest.
No more babying the car during fuel swaps. Switch from E85 to pump gas (E10)? There can still be 2+ gallons of E85 in the tank which has now mixed with your pump gas making the fuel ~E20, which will run lean on your pump gas map. So now you have to baby the car until you fill up again. Not with flex fuel, feel free to drive it like normal.

Why does my ethanol content not drop below 6-9%?
-Most premium (pump gas) fuels are actually blended with ethanol. Often the standard pump gas is 7-10%. But this can vary slightly depending on region and time of year.

What happens if my SST fails a teach-in or firmware update?
-If your SST fails the firmware flash, it will either revert back to its original firmware or the car may not move as it does not see a known good firmware. Now this is not the end of the world, as once a firmware is successfully flashed back to the TCU the car will move again.
-If your car fails a teach-in, it will really depend on the step that has failed. Some steps may fail because the SST temp or fluid level is incorrect, while others will fail when there is a mechanical issue present. If the car currently drives, you can skip this step and continue the teach-in enough to be able to allow the car to move and perform further diagnosis. (We can give you opinions on what it may be, but when working remotely, there is only a limited amount of data we can see).
If the car fails a teach-in on a brand new mech unit (TCU/valve body) and you can not get the step to pass, it is highly likely the car will not move. The SST must complete a specific teach-in order and pass all steps on a new mech unit to allow the car to move again. The issue may need to be fixed before completing the teach-in.

Do you have any advice for SST transmission ownership?
-Please check out our write up about what to do and not do with an SST here:

When will my order ship?
-Per our Polices page, your order will usually ship within 3 business days unless otherwise stated.

I have not received any emails after my order was placed, why?
-It is very possible our automated emails have gone to your spam folder or were caught by your email server filter. Please reach out to us if you have not seen anything (after checking these possible issues) in over 3 business days. If you feel you did not get a response in over 3 business days after contacting us about the issue, there may be an email error and please try reaching out via Facebook or Instagram messages.

Do you ship outside of the US?
-Yes we do! Our website does not calculate international shipping well, so please contact us if you would like a custom shipping quote outside of the country.

What is your return policy?
-Our return policy can be found on our Polices page. If you have any questions about returns or our policy, please contact us.

What is your warranty policy?
-Our warranty (found on our Polices page) is there to cover the purchaser against manufacture defects. Damage, improper installation, and other non-manufacturer related issues are not covered. Generally, the part in question will either be repaired or replaced. But all warranty claims are at the companies discretion.