NRG Ops 4B11T In-line Filter


NRG Ops is happy to announce an in-line 10 micron filter for the 4B11T platform!
This kit is 100% drop-in, so installation is a breeze.
Compatible with stock, AMS, Boomba, Cosworth, and other fuel rail offerings. An external fuel filter is completely essential if you have replaced the factory fuel pump with a different-sized unit, and subsequently eliminated the factory fuel filter. This includes larger-than-stock pumps such as the Walbro 255, 400, 450; Deatschwerks DW200, DW300; Aeromotive 340; AEM 320, and so on.
Protect your injectors and your engine, and do so with a race-quality part!

  • 10 micron stainless element filter (cleanable).
  • Stainless braided PTFE fuel line, with protective black coating. Pressure tested to ensure no leaks.
  • Spin-on EFI fittings on the hard line, clip on EFI (due to fitment) or -6 AN fittings to the fuel rail.


  • Filter mounts directly to the factory hard line instead of dangling in your engine bay.
  • NO hose clamps or heat shrink.
  • Superior fitment, with a direct shot to the fuel rail.
  • NO fuel smell due to fuel permeating through rubber hose.
  • FULLY ethanol/E85 and race gas compatible.

*If you don’t have an -6 AN inlet fitting on your fuel rail already and want that option, please let us know.*

Note: When installing with the OEM Mitsubishi fuel rail, you must bend over the edge of the metal tab at the hard line end of the rail. This is not required for any inline fuel filter kit that uses AN fittings.

NRG Ops 4B11T Fuel Filter Instructions


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