NRG Ops 4B11T MIVEC Extension Harness

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Want to wire tuck your 4B11T valve cover for that clean look?
Don’t want to hassle with cutting and extending MIVEC wires?

Well this is the solution!

Our kit will allow you to remove the wiring from on top of the valve cover, by extending the harness so it can be run alongside the head/valve cover.
Designed specifically to be 100% plug and play. This makes for the easiest valve cover wire tuck option on the market, plus it looks great too.
Installation takes only minutes to complete.

This product was designed, built, and tested in the US.
Made using 22g MIL Spec wire with high heat resistant sleeving and OEM quality connectors.  We offer a complete workmanship warranty (does not include failures due to heat/improper heat shielding and incorrect installation).

Blemished units are grabbed at random and may include cosmetic blemishes, mismatching colored connectors, etc. All harnesses are fully functional and carry the same warranty as a non-blemished unit. 


  • 1x MIVEC Extension Harness

Clubspec MIVEC Instructions

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3 reviews for NRG Ops 4B11T MIVEC Extension Harness

  1. Keith Andah

    I recently ordered an extension harness for my Evo and didn’t get any type of response for them.

    • Nate

      Hey Keith, we are really sorry to hear about your experience!
      I spent some time looking through our information today. It seems you ordered the part on 9 May 2021 at 11:15pm (local). An auto generated confirmation email was sent at 11:15pm. Tracking was entered on 10 May 2021 at 7:53pm (local). An auto generated “order complete” (that includes tracking) email was sent at 7:53pm. You then emailed us on 13 May 2021 at 10:18pm (local), to which we replied on 14 May 2021 at 10:53am. Tracking states the order was delivered on 14 May 2021 at 12:42pm. We have email receipts and were never given any kind of non-deliverable error.
      So in this case, we would suggest checking your Spam or Junk folder, or your emails filter settings. We are also reachable via our Facebook and Instagram page as well, just for future reference.

      We hope the part holds up to the high standards you would expect from us, and you are welcome to reach out with any further questions you may have.
      While we 100% understand your frustration, we also hope you edit the 1 star review to reflect your feelings of the product as well.


  2. Greg Shepherd

    No one else makes this Extension cable for the 4b11t. Worked great, build quality was excellent. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to clean up the look of their engine bay doing doing a simple wire tuck and not having to cut their oem harness.

  3. Matt

    It’s a simple product but it removes the wires over the valve cover and really cleans up the look of the engine!

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