4B11T TiAL QRJ Bypass Valve


NRG Ops is happy to continue to be able to continue offering the TiAL QRJ for the 4B11T platform!

The QRJ is the top performing BPV for the Evo X and Ralliart. With its ability to hold TONS of boost, and function smoother than OEM, it is no wonder why everyone loves them.
Configured directly for use with the 4B11T, there is no guesswork involved with ordering the correct parts. The inlet, outlet and spring included are ready for you to just drop it in your car and go.


  • 1x TiAL QRJ bypass valve with correct -1.5 PSI spring preinstalled.
  • 1x banjo fitting, 1x banjo bolt, and 2x crush washers.
  • 2x 34 mm inlet and outlet hose adapters.


-The QRJ should be oriented in “reverse” orientation in comparison to the stock BPV. The boost side should enter perpendicularly to the valve stem, and air should return to the intake parallel to the valve stem. See our installed photos above for reference.
-Vacuum/boost line should be fresh 6 mm silicone hose, secured on all ends with zip ties or clamps.
-If teed into for a boost gauge reference, use an appropriate tee with correct and snug sizing on each end. Use zip ties or clamps on all 3 connections on the tee.
-Banjo bolt should be tight and crush washers should be stacked in the following order: bolt head, crush washer, banjo fitting, crush washer, QRJ body


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