NRG Ops 4B11T Wire Tuck Kit

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Want to wire tuck your 4B11T vehicle for that clean look?
Don’t want to hassle with cutting and extending injector, MAP, MAT, EVAP, or MIVEC wires?

Well this is the solution!

Our kit will allow you to remove the wiring from on top of the intake manifold/fuel rail, by extending the harness so it can be run behind the intake manifold.
Designed specifically to be 100% plug and play. This makes for the easiest wire tuck option on the market, plus it looks great too.

Please note, the MIVEC extension is required to use this tuck kit. The option for not purchasing this harness is for those who already have it.

This product was designed, built, and tested in the US.
Made using 22g MIL Spec wire with high heat resistant sleeving and OEM quality connectors.  We offer a complete workmanship warranty (does not include failures due to heat/improper heat shielding and incorrect installation).


  • 4x injector extension harnesses
  • 1x MAP extension harness
  • 1x MAT extension harness
  • 1x EVAP extension harness
  • 1x ground sensor extension harness
  • Optional 1x MIVEC extension harness

NRG Ops Wire Tuck Instructions

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2 reviews for NRG Ops 4B11T Wire Tuck Kit

  1. Pete S


    Take that engine cover off, powdercoat the valve cover and install this kit. NRG makes it easy with step by step instructions (link in the item for sale). This is how the Evo should have come from the factory. Tie in with a Kozmic Catch Can for a match made in heaven.

  2. Caelan

    Definitely worth it. I will be honest if you’re only working with a jack and stands, it is a pain and can be frustrating to reach some of the sensors but it just takes time. Highly recommend removing the main intake manifold bracket to give you more room as well. When the job is complete, it is all worth it.

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