Kozmic 4B11T Valve Cover Fittings

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Kozmic was the first to develop these amazingly useful valve cover fittings for your 4B11T vehicle. These are made in the USA, billet aluminum CNC cut fittings that we have anodized black after machining for a sleek look.
These convert your valve cover to have -10 AN Male threads for aftermarket lines to be used off the valve cover.

Which Do I Need?

Plastic valve cover owners: You will only use the thread-in valve cover fitting.
Aluminum valve cover owners: You will use BOTH fittings if you want both ports to be changed, or you can choose one or the other to only change one side.

Plastic valve cover owners that upgrade to an aluminum valve cover can also use both!

1 review for Kozmic 4B11T Valve Cover Fittings

  1. John C

    Easily convert your tiny fittings to 10an for a custom catch can setup. Fit and finish is perfect.

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