NRG Ops 08+ Lancer/Ralliart/Evo X Window Vents


Introducing our very own track window vents!

Have a track event that requires front windows to be down, with the rear up? Prefer to run on the highway with only the front windows down? This is your solution!
By using these, the rear windows can stay up in a secured position but the additional airflow removes and buffing sounds from air pressure building up within the cabin.

Or maybe you just want to have your windows venting but secured at your favorite car show. They work great for that as well!

We designed these to be the best flowing and most affordable option on the market. (Not to mention some of the best looking if we do say so ourselves).
In 2020 we had computer generated airflow models created by an engineer made to verify our vents outflow other standard designs. This means better performance when you need it the most.

Made out of high impact ABS plastic, they are light and strong. So you will have no worries about them breaking or failing even in the harshest conditions.
They were designed and are made in the USA.


  • 2x complete rear window vents (left and right)

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