Remote ETACS (Tactrix Rental Option)


After much thought, we decided to offer our remote ETACS service. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable using the software, or editing the files. So we are willing to handle that for you!
This will eliminate any concerns about selecting the wrong option, or changing settings that should not be changed. With over 4.5 years of editing ETACS, you can be assured we know what we are doing.

Worried about going back to stock? No problem, keep your OEM file and have the ability to flash back at any time.

Remote ETACS: We will prove a 3rd party read/write software with instructions. You will receive one ETACS change with the file of your choice. This will be able to be flashed to the car via the provided software.

Additional Changes: These are additional changes beyond the included you want done when sending your ETACS files to us.

Live Service: This service is for us to remotely install and operate the read/write software, edit the file, and verify functionality in real time.


  • Independent fog lights: The ability to turn fog lights on with only running/parking lights, as well as keeping them on with brights. (1 change)
  • TPMS disable: This will turn off the TPMS system, great for cars that have changed their wheels. (1 change)
  • DRL disable: Turning off DRLs. Often used when running HID kits to prevent flicker, or for a cleaner look. *Please consult your local laws.* (1 change)
  • Unlock all doors: Unlocks all the doors with one press of the unlock button on the key and the fast key button on the door. (1 change)
  • Door lock by speed: Locks all doors above a certain speed. (1 change)
  • Door unlock when stopped: Unlocks all the doors when the ignition is turned off. Unlock when put into Park available for CVT and SST vehicles. (1 change)
  • Unlock lights: Changing the lights that turn on when the car is unlocked. Default is parking/running lights, can be turned off or changed to low beam. (1 change)
  • Hazard flash with unlock: Changing the number of flashes from the hazards with lock/unlock (1 change)
  • And many more! (For additional information, please contact us).
  • For complex items (like SST to 5mt swaps), please contact us.
  • For custom pricing on more than 6 changes, please contact us.

*If you have the software installed already or have already had the service done before, please contact us.*


  • Laptop or netbook with Windows. (If using a Mac, a dual boot installation of Windows will work).
  • Tactrix 2.0 Cable. (Reflash adapter not required).
  • Live: AnyDesk software. (Instructions for setup will be provided).
  • Live: Internet at the car. (At least 10Mbps down/5Mbps up).

Tactrix cable rental: 
$159 to be refunded once the cable has been received, tested, and deemed in comparable conditon. Shipping labels to and from are included by NRG Ops at this price.
Refund amount may be adjusted as NRG Ops seems fit based on time of return, condition, etc. (Please reach out with any questions about our rental program ahead of time).


-This software and all associated files are not created by us.
-This is a service, you are paying for our time/knowledge. You are not buying a physical product or paying for the software/files.
-While we do offer our support, additional labor outside of what is listed (if requested) can be provided for an additional cost.


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