Remote SST PassThru CAN (Tactrix Rental Option)

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S-Sport 2.0 now available! (See custom firmware)

After much request, we now are offering live remote in options for PassThru CAN. This will allow us to install the software on your computer, perform a teach-in, VIN write the TCU, code the TCU (new units only), flash S-sport (Ralliart TCU only), or even flash custom firmware files to the TCU! This also would also apply to firmware updates on the older older RA/MR TCU models that do not support the teach-in function or would like updated firmware for better SST logic.

We can also remote code brand new TCUs so that they will function in the car without a trip to the dealership. (If you need this service, please reach out to us).

Teach-in Information (Ralliart/MR): A lot of guys think a teach-in is required only when the SST has been modified. This is true, but is only part of the story. A teach-in is a very important function as it allows the SST to “relearn” itself also. This can beneficial on cars that are having minor SST hiccups (minor slip, sloppy 1-2 shift, etc) or that are higher mileage. It never hurts to get it done. Now a teach-in is not a guaranteed fix, but it can make a big difference in how the SST performs.
*If the SST experiences odd behavior after the teach-in (excessive slip, codes, etc), it is most likely the sign of an underlying issue.*

S-sport (Ralliart) Information: For the Ralliart, Mitsubishi did not provide it with S-sport from the factory. This is an important upgrade, even to a stock car. It is even something we require for our ECU tunes due to the added torque. S-sport adds 20% more clutch pressure over Sport mode. (Despite the rumors that Sport mode can not be tuned to have as much clutch pressure as S-sport). We often hear about the different 5th/6th gear ratios causing slip with a Ralliart and S-sport. If you see rev hunt it is only a discrepancy between the ECU and TCU for RPM. It does not hurt the SST. It generally happens around 1700-2100 RPM and can usually be driven around (meaning upshift or downshift). A properly tuned ECU/TCU will have significantly less rev hunt than a car with poor tuning. Our custom firmware now has options to eliminate rev hunt on the Ralliart. 
*S-sport on a Ralliart under warranty will void the warranty (stock Ralliart firmware can be flashed back to the TCU).*

Firmware Update: The older TCU came with a firmware version that did not support the teach-in. By updating the firmware, you have the ability to do a teach-in on older TCUs. Years that are included are 2008-2009 RA/MR. (Doing S-sport on the Ralliart automatically updates the firmware, but the firmware update can be done without S-sport). If you would like the TCU rolled back to the original firmware after a teach-in, please let us know.
*These are OEM, non edited files.*

Custom Firmware: Now this is what everyone has been waiting for! We now have the ability edit TCU files and flash them. With this comes some standard updates that we are calling S-Sport 2.0 as well as a few other options.
S-Sport 2.0 includes: Instant S-Sport (no more holding the switch for 3 seconds), S-Sport while moving (no more 6mph speed limiter), and for the Ralliart either the Evo firmware with rev hunt fixes or the Ralliart firmware with S-Sport turned on.
Other available options include: global clutch pressure increase (8, 10, 12, or 15 percent increase), lower shift points in S-Sport Auto mode, and launch control RPM adjustment (still in testing).

VIN Update: This function allows us to match the TCU VIN to the vehicle. This is commonly needed when replacing the mech unit or transmission with a used unit from a different vehicle. This service will be included with the purchase of any of our other remote SST services.


PassThru CAN Only: Includes the proper installation of PassThru CAN and the necessary files to perform the teach-in, OE firmware update, or S-sport firmware. VIN write files can be included upon request. No help will be given for performing the functions. This is for the guys who have done the research how to do everything, but do not feel comfortable installing the software.

PassThru CAN & Teach-in: Includes the installation of the PassThru CAN software (as above), the necessary files, and performing of the teach-in procedure for the SST. TCU VIN write is also included upon request. A way to monitor trans temp (Evoscan for example) is recommended.

PassThru CAN & Firmware Flash: Includes the installation of the PassThru CAN software, the necessary files, and the flashing of the firmware to the TCU. TCU VIN write is also included upon request. This is for Ralliarts wanting S-sport or Ralliarts/MRs wanting/needing the firmware update.

PassThru CAN & Custom Firmware Flash: Includes the installation of the PassThru CAN software and the flashing of our custom firmware to the TCU. TCU VIN write is also included upon request. This is for those who want to take advantage of the new TCU files.

PassThru CAN, Firmware/Custom Firmware Flash, & Teach-in: A combination of everything above. This includes the installation of the PassThru CAN software, the flashing of the firmware, and performing the teach-in procedure. TCU VIN write is also included upon request. This is the recommended option, and is required for RAs/MRs that want a teach-in but have the old TCU firmware or need S-Sport installed.

*If you have PassThru CAN installed already but want a teach-in and/or firmware flash and/or TCU VIN write, please contact us.*


  • Laptop or netbook with Windows. (If using a Mac, a dual boot installation of Windows will work).
  • AnyDesk software. (Instructions for setup will be provided).
  • Tactrix 2.0 Cable. (Reflash adapter not required).
  • Internet at the car. (At least 10Mbps down/5Mbps up).

Tactrix cable rental: 
$159 to be refunded once the cable has been received, tested, and deemed in comparable condition. A return shipping label is included by NRG Ops at this price.
Refund amount may be adjusted as NRG Ops seems fit based on time of return, condition, etc. (Please reach out with any questions about our rental program ahead of time).


-This is a service, you are paying for our time/knowledge. You are not buying a physical product or paying for the software/files.
-While we do offer our support, additional labor outside of what is listed above (if requested) can be provided for an additional cost.

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12 reviews for Remote SST PassThru CAN (Tactrix Rental Option)

  1. Kieran price

    Great service and versatility, they are willing to work around obstacles and spend time past closed working with you if need be.
    Only con I experienced was a lack of reply on the first day, as they later explained they were swamped with orders and were very responsive after that point. All in all great service and business which might benefit from a dedicated communications department in the future as they continue to grow.

  2. Chris

    Very responsive team, very helpful and informative. Thank you for assisting me with the Firmware and Teach in. I can definitely say that the car is driving better!

  3. Jake

    Could not be happier, process took about 30 minutes and with S-Sport/custom rev points the car drives like a dream. 10/10 would reccomend to everyone.

  4. Xavier

    Just had S-Sport 2.0 done yesterday and it has been amazing. The process only took 20 minutes since I already had PTC installed and the car just feels *chef’s kiss*. This is a must-have for any Ralliart!

  5. Spencer Blessin

    I just had the new S-sport 2.0 firmware installed on my car and it makes a HUGE difference in traffic and makes daily driving the car so much better. Also the team at NRG ops are very quick to respond and are very nice people in general. I would definitely recommend.

  6. Eddie Cortes

    Perfect service. Thank you Nate!

  7. Anthony Morin

    Got S-sport 2.0 with a teach in took 40min to do it remote, overall NRG ops is excellent and answers you’re questions. Must have for a Ralliart for sure hands down.

  8. Cameron

    If you want the most out of your SST this is basically a requirement.

  9. George Robles Maldonado

    I love the tune dang does it run good! Don’t put a mile more on your Lancer Ralliart without this. It’s a MUST. Do a nice fluid change and ask these guys to make the SST great. 🙂

  10. Jonathan Rosado

    10/10 Already recommended to my friends. Great people and service.

  11. Devin

    top notch service! car is a blast to drive.

  12. Tyler Webster

    NRG was great, my experience was a 10/10 the car feels alive finally, no more stuttering, the S Sport 2.0 package is 100% better then the first version, with the buy worth the time, would recommend this to anyone with an sst

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